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Glenwood High School Sports Camps

Welcome to the official Glenwood High School Camps' website!

The Glenwood Summer Sports Camps are designated to give boys and girls of all levels, beginners to advanced, the opportunity to develop their individual skills under the guidance and direction of the Glenwood High School Coaching Staff.

Each camp will emphasize basic techniques, fundamental skills and physical fitness. More importantly, the Summer Camps strive to develop interest and enthusiasm for sports and athletics.

The camps will be led by experienced high school coaches, and assisted by collegiate and high school athletes. The specific ages listed for each camp are according to the grade the child will enter in the Fall of 2020.

Please complete the registration form to allow your child to participate, electronic waiver forms will be signed during registration. Participation is not limited to students in the Ball-Chatham School District.

Please register by May 3 to ensure your child will receive items provided by the camp.

Entries received after May 18 are subject to a late fee of $5 per child, per camp.

Upcoming Camps

Due to the current societal restrictions with regards to COVID-19, we’ve changed the dates of many of our camps to later in the summer.  We recognize that further changes and possible cancellations may be necessary.  Refunds will be issued for any camper that cannot or does not want to attend the changed date. If a camp is cancelled, refunds will also be made.  All refunds will be done through the website.

Currently there are no upcoming events. Check back soon!